Automated Classification of Commonly used Hybrid and Non-Hybrid Vegetables

Mr. Mahantesh C. Elemmi, Ms. Shanta Kallur, Ms. Supriya Belkar


The proposed work classifies commonly used hybrid and non-hybrid vegetables. The number of hybrid vegetables is more than the number of non-hybrid ones. Consumption of hybrid food for longer period can lead to various types of cancers due to lack of nutrients. People are increasingly becoming health conscious and thus most of the population started preferring non-hybrid food items. In the proposed work, four types of regularly consumed vegetables in the food items namely, brinjal, tomato, carrot and cucumber. Differentiating hybrid and non-hybrid vegetables in market is tough job for most of the people, especially, for the people living in cities. Thus, we propose to develop an application which will be able to identify and classify the vegetable image into hybrid or non-hybrid. The overall classification rate for classifying hybrid and non-hybrid vegetable images is 92% and 96.75%.

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