Study of Different Software Testing Automation Tools

Prof. Sharad R Jadhav


Programming is Set of code or projects. Programming building characterizes as the use of a methodical, taught, quantifiable way to deal with the advancement, task, and support of programming. Testing is correlation of anticipated yield and genuine yield. Programming testing is a procedure, to assess the usefulness of a product application with an expectation to discover whether the created programming met the predefined necessities or not and to recognize the deformities to guarantee that the item is without imperfection so as to deliver the quality item. Testing is extensively partition in to manual testing and Automation testing. In manual testing experiments are executed physically (by a human that is) with no help from apparatuses or contents. Be that as it may, with mechanized testing, test cases are executed with the help of apparatuses, contents, and programming. Manual Testing is most appropriate for Exploratory Testing, Usability Testing, Ad-hoc Testing. Mechanization Testing is most appropriate for Regression Testing, Performance testing, stack testing. Paper is on investigation of testing apparatuses Apache JMeter, selenium IDE, QTP/UFT Quick Test Professional, Bugzilla, Test finish, blast meter, stack Runner, test finish, WatiN.

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