Traverse: Voice Commanded Self Navigating Indoor Robot

Mr. Arihant Chhalani, Mr. Ravisham Santha, Ms. Vaibhavi H L, Ms. Vybhavi J, Mr. D Mahesh Kumar


When a human is taken to a new place, a new location, the individual first tries to perceive it, then gets to the geography of it and finally maps it. By mapping the whole location, the human goes around the place without any difficulty. In this project, the implementation will be done in such a way that the robot also consumes the parameters of the area in the same way as the human, by first perceiving the location entirely, followed by mapping the whole place and then going around it, thereby marking the location to absolute precision and making it flawless for navigation. To accomplish this performance, a self-navigating algorithm using SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) is written and executed. The robot, by using ultrasonic sensors will measure the distances of the surrounding objects.

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