A Study on Authentication Mechanisms in Bitcoin

Ms. Shruthi N, Ms. Sowmyarani C N


Any number of gadgets can be associated with a Wi-Fi remotely. Anybody inside scope of the Wi-Fi can endeavour to get to the system. Due to this, Wi-Fi is progressively powerless against assaults. Consequently, client touchy data is at the danger of being misused. The clients’ security and security can be ensured by unknown verification. When they use the hotspots that are very easy to access to everybody, privacy plays an important role. The existing solutions which will validate the users but do not take the responsibilities of the users or they are always dependent on intermediators. The latest development of or concept of colored coins and coin shuffle can be used to protect the users who are connected to the network without compromising or leaking any information. The bitcoin blockchain is very impressive and robust that will help to manage the user information and also very helpful to determine the possession of the users framework.

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