Autonomous Robot For Crack Detection Using Raspberry Pi With IOT & Ultrasonic

Ajay L. Ghatol, Ajay N. Mohurle, Amol V. Tipramwar, Dipali A. Ingole, Anuprita P. Linge


Detection of cracks on bridge decks is a vital task for maintaining the structural health and reliability of concrete bridges. Crack inspection is an important task in the maintenance of bridge and it is closely related to structural health of bridge. Currently it is done through a very manual procedure, an experienced human inspector monitors the whole bridge surface visually and try to detect cracks on the bridge and marks the location of crack. But this manual approach having some limitations such limited accuracy. Proposed research focuses on implementing a system having a robot, equipped with a raspberry pi with ultra sonic connectivity with the help of IOT to detect the crack. The robot is travel from start point to end point through an IR sensor. Cracks were identified with the help of ultrasonic waves. Sensor Systems were used for identifying the cracks/holes of a bridge. Raspberry Pi is used as a processor for this robot, which is also best alternative used than the existing one, processing and intimating the manager is done with the help of Raspberry Pi. The information exchange will be done through a simple SMS and geographical location should be done through the Wi-Fi connected to it

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