Design and Development of Automatic Weed Detection and Removal System

Pushpavalli M


Most important approach of plant life is weed handling. Herbicides are used all over the world to control agricultural weeds now a day. Moreover practical weed controlling is done by labors and using these herbicides. In this paper automatic weed detection and removal systems was proposed to avoid the problems like herbicides staying in the agricultural fields, which leads to also an environment problem and livings of human beings. To detect and differentiate the weeds from the crop, machine vision system has been used. Two basic designs of mechanical methods are used to automatically remove weeds from the seedline. That is a mechanical rotary weeder is used to remove weeds from the inter rows and torsion weeder which removes the weeds from the within rows. This system design is based on the design of torsion weeder. The above system is designed to avoid the consumption of herbicides in the agriculture area and to replace the manpower.

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