Brain Tumor Detection and Classification of MR Images Using SVM Algorithm

Dr. C. Poongodi, Ms. M. Sandhiya, Mr. I. K. Surya Vikashini


Brain tumor is a mass of tissue and it occurs an abnormal growth of cells, then it form within the brain. To identifying tumor detection and classification using brain MRI image. There are several algorithms are developed for brain tumor detection and classifications in the field of medical image processing.In this undertaking we have proposed a crossover calculation for recognition cerebrum tumor in Magnetic Resonance pictures utilizing measurable highlights and Support Vector Machine (SVM) classifier. The proposed procedure comprises of four phases specifically, Noise decrease, Feature extraction, Feature decrease and Classification. In the first stage anisotropic filter is applied for noise reduction and to make the image suitable for extracting features. In the second stage, acquires the surface highlights identified with MRI pictures. In the third stage, the highlights of attractive reverberation pictures have been decreased utilizing Principles Component Analysis (PCA) to the most fundamental highlights. At the last stage, the Supervisor classifier based SVM has been utilized to group subjects as ordinary and strange mind MR pictures.

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