IGuide an Electronic Aid for Visually Impaired

Ms. Harshitha R, Ms. Sabha Aafrin Razvi, Ms. Sahana G, Mr. Shiva Shankaran A, Mr. D Mahesh Kumar


IGuide is a travel aid to help visually impaired to provide obstacle free path, wet floor detection and live location of the user. A few specialists created electronic ‘travel helps’ to help and improve speed and versatility of an individual who is outwardly hindered. IGuide is one of the electronic ‘travel helps’ that gives client wellbeing and organized data through material and sound criticism instruments. The objective of the IGuide system is to offer simplified information of the surrounding environment to the user and to deduce prioritized information without causing information overloading. The device comprises of a low power embedded system with ultrasonic sensors, APR module, Wi-Fi module vibration motors, and a battery. Furthermore, we are including a Wi-Fi module which helps in providing live location of the user in case of emergency. Evaluation of the IGuide on people with visual impairments has shown effectiveness and usefulness irrespective of the number of years of blindness.

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