Automatic Energy Meter Billing

Pooja Shetty, Kirti Tambe, Dr. Sayed Abdulhayan


The present system of energy charge in India is error prone and conjointly time and labour intense. Errors get introduced at each stage of energy charge like human errors whereas noting down the meter reading and error whereas process the paid bills and therefore the due bills. There area unit several cases wherever the bill is paid so is shown as a due quantity within the next bill. Nowadays that every one energy meter scaning is read by manually that's, Geb person should return and he should scan the reading of energy meter and he can offer the bill for that therein bill he are giving a final date to pay the bill, if the client way pay the bill among a given last date other than keb person should return and he can take away the fuse and he can go. Some folks can plug the fuse once removing the fuse by Geb. Some can take away the seal of energy meter. And altogether cities is tough to modify ON and OFF the road lights throughout evening and already dark. As a result of there ought to be a person power. The lights area unit controlled manually. The Geb person should go every space and switch ON/OFF at explicit time. And it's tedious job to try to to this work. If that person didn’t return then the road are ON 24hrs. There's waste of electricity. And within the already dark at 11pm on top of there's a no use of street lights, there the electricity is wasting. Automatic Meter Reading system (AMR) incessantly monitors the energy meter and sends information for the asking of service supplier through SMS. Automatic meter reading system helps the client and energy service supplier to access the correct and updated information from the energy meter. this technique utilizes the worldwide system for mobile communication (GSM) network to send its power usage reading victimization Short electronic communication Service (SMS) back to the energy supplier wirelessly. The interface conjointly consists of LCD that displays the number of power consumed. As a result this helps to attach to remote areas because it employs wireless technology. This technique not solely reduces the labor price however conjointly increase meter reading accuracy and save huge quantity of your time.

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