Analysis of EEG Signals for Detection of Seizure Abnormalities

Ms. A.P. Rao, Dr. M. S. Kumbhar


The human brain is like command center of human body .EEG is non-invasive technique of recording electrical patterns in your brain due to firing of neurons. The changes in pattern of  EEG can be used to detect if any kind of disorders in human body like seizures, level of anesthesia injected during operations, awakefulness of a person, pattern of migraine etc.  These disorders can be easily detected by doctors by observing the EEG patterns of the patients. The analysis of EEG signal for the detection of brain abnormalities is in itself difficult process.  So a PC based automatic system is needed for the detection of brain abnormalities. Proposed work can be used as a useful tool in studying normal and abnormal seizure patients and the accuracy of the system with the different routine waves i.e. beta alpha theta delta can be checked for correct detection of seizure  abnormality using a PC based system reducing the efforts of the doctors for diagnosing the disorder

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