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Data Hiding Using Watermarking and Steganography Using Image Processing

Prajakta Hatwar, Ankita Balbudhe, Pratik Gahlod, Prasanna Kshirsagar, Rasika Manapure


Data Hiding has risen as a multidisciplinary field and is getting extensive help from the exploration network amid the most recent two decades. The explanation behind the enormous development in this field is most self-evident: to verify the correspondence, validation and to give copyright insurance. Cryptography, alone doesn't give security as the correspondence happens in nearness of outsiders and along these lines message can without much of a stretch be unscrambled by the interlopers. Steganography, Watermarking and Fingerprinting have come up as sub-controls of Information Hiding, and are being utilized in numerous application regions which incorporates military, barrier, showcase applications, insight organizations, ventures, biometrics, banking framework and some more. This paper gives a diagram on Steganography and Watermarking. The paper finishes up with a short examination on Steganography and Watermarking based on certain parameters

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