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Design a Wireless Adapter for Projector

Himanshu Verma


Wired world is changing to remote and this change produces need to enhance and make the remote means. This paper proposes a remote connector to change over the current wired projector into a remote projector without real changes to projector equipment. In light of an advancement of the remote connector, another component of remote projection is conceivable by exchanging the data with no physical medium by building up a remote system between the transmitter and the recipient. In this anticipate, an improvement board Raspberry Pi is utilized as a remote connector supplanting the current link associated with the projector. Its arrangement is intended to construct a medium amongst portable PC and the projector utilizing a remote system switch to have a remote system to which the tablet and the raspberry sheets are associated. This connector is composed around an improvement board Raspberry Pi which has Broadcom framework on chip BCM2835.

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