CFD and Thermo Mechanical Coupled Analysis of Diesel Engine Cylinder Head

Boopathi. M, S. Deepankumar, R. Gobinath, S. Balachandran


Loading conditions and complex geometry have led the cylinder head to become the most challenging part of diesel engines. A diesel engine Cylinder head analysed by means of both fluid-dynamic and thermo-structural simulations. First, the CFD analysis was done by using whole cylinder head i.e. covering both the cooling jacket and metal cast.


A 3-D geometric model of a cylinder head with water jacket was constructed using Creo Parametric 2.0 software. A mesh was then imposed on the model using the ANSYS Fluent software. Input conditions and Thermal boundaries are defined and the standard k −ε model is utilized to carry out simulations with the CFD software Fluent. The pressure distribution and velocity field distribution of the cylinder head water jacket are presented and analysed. In addition, the temperature boundary conditions of the cylinder head which are obtained from CFD analysis has been transferred as a boundary condition to structural analysis through thermal analysis, Particular attention has been paid to the CFD & Structural boundary conditions, because which will affects the results significantly.

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