Design of Suspension System for an All-Terrain Vehicles

Mr. Ajay Dorle, Mr. Darshan Darji, Mr. Shubham Nannavare, Mr. Oliver Dsilva, Prof. Prashant k. Zaware


The main agenda of this paper is to study the different parameters or characteristics of suspension system of an ATV. It is very much important for the suspension system that the wheel should be in contact with road surface, because there are some forces acting on the vehicle from downside, is referred as ground forces or road forces. We have designed front suspension as an A-Arm type and that of rear as an H-Arm type. Both the suspension systems are independent suspension systems. For these types of suspension systems, we required to calculate the important parameters like ride rate, roll rate, natural frequency, wheel rate, motion ratio, spring rate, damping ratio and factor of safety. By calculating all the parameters further we have done analysis of this parameters by solid work software and LOTUS Shark.

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