Fatigue Analysis of Friction Welded Stringer Panel of an Aircraft Wing

Dabbiru Vijay Akash, Dr. Kondapalli Siva Prasad


Welding is a wide range multistate perpetual attaching technique for manufacture. Universally welding innovation has various applications. The present venture manages the computation of the weakness life of the grating welded stringer board. The stringer board is a gadget utilized for supporting the upper and the lower skin of the flying machine wing. The equal hassles and life cycles are ascertained hypothetically alluding to numerous diaries, the hypothetical inputs are given to the investigation programming ANSYS Workbench i.e.; heat flux, temperature, and pace of revolution of the contact mix device. The resultant proportionate anxiety and the aggregate disfigurement. Aside from that the life cycles are additionally created. The hypothetical estimations of anxiety and exhaustion life are processed. The best welding conditions are anticipated by appropriate examination in the investigation programming ANSYS Work seat by giving reasonable working conditions as inputs.


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