Power Generation by Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Vishwanath R. Mane, Abhijeet S. Kadam, Sudhir J. Sawant, Vinayak A. Patil, Ganesh B. Lokhande, Suryawanshi A A


Electrical power could be a prime necessity for any country for economic development. And power shortage could be a dominant downside, being featured by the foremost of the countries these days. On prime of this, typical fuel sources for generation, i.e., coal, oil deposits square measure quick obtaining depleted. The apparent solution is to shift focus to renewable sources of energy. Statistics reveal that of the big quantity of wind energy. The wind generation created by the motor may be hold on in an exceedingly battery and may later be wont to power the road lights. These wind turbines are transportable and may thus be used on any expressways or busy highways. A system for power generation by utilizing wind draft force from vehicles traveling on route provides a two kind of turbine apparatuses, one sort is for road facet that sits on the facet of a route; another sort is for road center that is put in on at traffic divider line at middle of a roadway. Once vehicle moves at high speed, heaps energy wont to force air in its means, by setting wind turbines on road facet and middle of road, some parts of the wasted energy may be re-captured. The rotary engine may be used commercially for low power applications. The implementation of such a project would scale back the dependence of a corporation or trade on electricity board.

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