Influence of Graphene and Alumina on Mechanical and Microstructural Properties of AL7075 based Hybrid Composites

Mr. S.B.K. Reddy, Mr. Pamarthi Harish, Mr. Syed. Siddiq, Mr. Veeranki Mohan Srikanth, Mr. P.Ravindra Babu


AL-7075 with particulates of reinforcement carries superior stiffness, maximum strength and better wear resistance when differentiate to unreinforced matrix alloys. They have been used for the self-propelled automotive spare parts and goods and aircraft assemblies. Aluminium Metal Matrix Hybrid Composite (ALMMHC) focus on the mainly cost and life time of the fabricated components. The requirements of industry (ALMMHC) are available in chiefly and eco-friendly and those have good specific strength and wear resistance for production applications. Aluminium alloy as a matrix material and graphene and alumina as reinforcement has good potentiality. In this study AL7075- graphene [1] and alumina particulates castings with various volume proportions of graphene and alumina particulates were fabricated in the oxygen free argon atmosphere at stir casting methodology. At my investigation we found the increasing weight % of reinforcement graphene and alumina with there is an enhancement of specific strength [2] of the produced hybrid composite. Pin-on-disc tester utilized for dry sliding wear behaviour [3] of ALMMHCs at dry laboratory process.

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