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Material Selection Procedure

Vaidik P. Patel


The material selection procedure is one of the most important processes that we found during inventing or designing or making of any new product or modifying old product with some new attachments or mechanisms. This procedure considers several steps like finding material groups, looking for criteria that we need in our mechanism design, general properties that consider several factors like cost of the material, availability of the material, manufacturing considerations and many more. Main goal for material selection procedure is to minimize the cost of the product without negotiation with performance level of the product. In 1997, George E. Dieter describes basic and functional method of material selection in his book named “Overview of material selection process”, ASM Handbook volume 20 material selection and design. In 1999, AshbyMichael F. found new procedure for the material selection which is known as “Ashby Procedure for material selection by bubble graph or Ashby chart”.

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