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A Study on Mechanical Properties of Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite Material

Dr. K. Mohamed Kaleemulla, K. G Satish, Yahiya Khan


Researchers working in the field of materials are concerned with issues such as sustainability and ecological protection. Therefore, interest is towards environmental friendly, recycled, natural or biodegradable materials. Composites reinforced with natural fibers are in considerable demand in recent years and further play key role in the emerging green economy. Aim of this work is to examine the tensile behaviour of glass and jute fiber reinforced hybrid composite materials and to study the effect of e/d ratio on tensile strength.

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By incorporation of synthetic fibers (glass fibers) into a natural fibers (jute fibers) polymer composite, the tensile strength of specimens increases.

Tensile strength of specimens increases by3 N/mm2by increasing e/d ratio.

Due to incorporating glass fiber (3%) in the middle of the specimen, tensile strength is increased by 1N/mm2.

Zig-zag formation in the graph is due to breakdown of fibers and matrix.


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