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Use of Different Textile Structures as Acoustic Materials

Dr. Nemailal Tarafder


The knowledge of acoustic is very required because it is related to sound and is highly essential to maintain the peaceful surrounding of our environmental conditions. One of the branches of science and engineering is the architectural acoustic and it is needed for the maintaining the good sound level in the buildings. Noise level has its effect on the human health. Researchers are trying their level best to minimize sound pollution level to a minimal to reduce noise pollution for the benefit of mankind. There are various means and measures to control sound quality at any space for the required environment. Many new materials as well as methods are available to improve upon the sound level to maintain peaceful environment. For the noise control in the rooms, sound absorbing materials are used. Fibrous medium and porous foam materials are used to control noise for different places. Designers are now-a-days using various beautiful textile materials which are acoustically transparent to allow sound waves to pass through the functional core. To improve upon the sound quality at windows and partition walls, acoustic fabrics are proven highly effective.

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