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Effect of Solar Panel orientation on the Performance of PV System

Arjyadhara Pradhan, S. M. Ali, S.K.S Parashar, Gaurav Banerjee


Solar energy is the key form of all energy. With the increasing energy demand the world is now striving towards reaching maximum energy from non conventional resources which is clean pure and available free of cost in the nature. Considering the maximum power output and efficiency aspects of solar panels there are various methods of maximizing the performance of the solar panel. Effective orientation of the panel increases panel output and there by overall performance. Mostly solar trackers are used for effective tracking of sun. Flat panel trackers are used to minimize the angle of incidence between the sunrays and pv module. Optimal tilt angle of sun in winter is different than that in summer. In this paper five different tilt angles have been taken to see how the panel performs with change in angle. All the experiments have been conducted in the laboratory setup and it was found that module output in terms of maximum power is more for tilt angle 60 degree. Even at this angle the Fill factor is more.

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