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Transient Stability Enhancement in Multimachine system by Using Fuel Cell as STATCOM (Static Synchronous Compensator)

D. Sarathkumar


This paper, presents fuel cell functioning as a STATCOM to improve the transient stability of the system during different fault conditions. Today, power industry faces lot of problem in maintaining the voltage stability and system stability. Installation of compensating devices proves to be a solution. But the cost of compensating devices adds burden to the consumer consumption changes. Hence, a new method of utilizing fuel cell a renewable energy source as a compensating device is proposed in this work. Fuel cell is modeled as STATCOM-a FACTS compensating device. The ability of the fuel cell based STATCOM in improving the multimachine system stability after a fault condition. In these paper, different STATCOM controllers, i.e., based on Fuzzy Logic and PI controllers are designed for improving transient stability of two machine systems. Proposed controllers are implemented under MATLAB/Simulnk environment. Results of Fuzzy and PI based controllers are installed with two machine system compared with conventional STATCOM controller. The results are found to be satisfactory.

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