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Sugarcane Bagasse Ash and Nano Silica - Possible Partial Replacements of Cement- An Experimental Analysis

Hujefa A. Shaikh, Vaibhav B. Chavan, Amena Ansari


In this study the mechanical and durability properties of concrete were investigate containing sugarcane bagasse Ash (SBA) and Nano silica. Concrete mixes with the design water cement ratio in addition of SBA and Nano silica have re- viewed. For experimental study test specimen were prepared with 1% to 5% of replacement of cement weight with Nano silica and 5% to20% replacement of cement weight with SBA (sugar cane bagasse ash). SBA is refusal product of sugar industries, which is a major concern for waste disposal management. Impacts of addition of Nano silica and SBA on the mechanical and serviceability properties of cement are explored in this investigation. A compressive strength test was performed to assess the mechanical exhibition of cement containing SBA and Nano silica. Furthermore, Split tensile test, temperature test, Modulus of elasticity test and Flexural test were performed to investigate the influence of replacement materials on mechanical properties of concrete. As Nano silica improves mechanical properties of cement, while SBA impact solid execution as per strength at early ages. The expansion of SBA in blends containing Nano silica seriously increments compressive strength at the early age.

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