Medicine Traceability System using Blockchain

Mr. D.M. Kanade, Mr. Rushikesh Gaikwad, Mr. Rahul Chimkar, Mr. Aditya Bodkhe, Mr. Jignesh Patel


International Policy Network gave a report that 700,000 deaths are recorded alone from Fake Malaria and TB drugs .Hence nowadays it is more important to validate the medicines source and supply chain because of many middle acting and supporting agents like supply agency and distributors. It is found that due to high cost of some newly developed drug,many organizations registered under fake names around the globe produce fake medicine under same brand name and packaging. This poses a great hazard to the life of patients.The existing system uses very weak security Databases and it has many loopholes for fake medicines to enter in market. Our Proposed System is based on Blockchain technology uses a permanent ledger so this original information can never be modified plus the origin of medicine can be traced back.With the help of traditional batch number or user friendly QR code printed on the rear of medicines this intrusion in the supply chain can be successfully detected and stopped.In This System we have used Message digest and SHA algorithm to provide encryption to the input file(Which is our block of transactions here).

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