Maximizing Resource Efficiency using Task Scheduling in Cloud

Ms. Harshitha N, Ms. Devi T, Ms. Harshitha S, Ms. Vaishnavi N, Ms. Kambalapalle Sravani


Considering the growing use of cloud computing and the want for best use of resources within the cloud, and attention to users that get services they use supported their pay-as-you-go basis, there ought to be a faster approach for users to decrease the user's waiting time and task's waiting time. The main purpose of this paper is to provide comparison between various task scheduling algorithms hence gives better understanding as to which algorithms aids better in maximizing resource efficiency and also enhance security by giving various layers of security. There are many scheduling algorithms within the world. In this paper, we have selected a few better working algorithms along the traditional max-min and min-min algorithms and also the security is enhanced using ECC encryption.


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