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Designing and Controlling the Speed of Single Phase Induction Motor using Raspberry pi System

S. Thangalakshmi, M. Dinesh


The induction motors are widely used in industrial drives since of their low cost and flexibility. The control facet is very essential for any drive. This paper proposes an economical method of INDUCTION MOTOR speed control with efficient performance. The induction motor speed variation can be easily attained for a short range by stator voltage control. The terminal voltage across the stator winding of the motor can be varied to achieve the preferred speed control by controlling the firing angle of the semiconductor power devices (TRIAC in this paper). RASPBERRY PI 2(model B) plays an important in our project. Raspberry Pi is very small in size and it is a low cost device. Raspberry Pi has a Quadcore- broadcom BCM2836 900 MHz processor and 1GB RAM. It can perform all the work similar to a computer and can be referred as minicomputer. Python language must be used for this. It uses Raspbian operating system based on Debian distribution of LINUX.

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