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Development and Designing of Automatic Wire Cutting System using ARM 7

Omkar T. Sawant, Dr. Mahadev S. Patil


In recent years of technology, automation has reduced human efforts and errors to a large extent. The development of this system will reduce human efforts required to cut the wire in proper length. The system contains an input module so that appropriate output can be obtained from the system. In existing system in factory there are workers for manually cutting wire. All the time required for cutting different length wires depends on efficiency of workers. Quality depends on accuracy & skill of workers. To overcome this automatic wire cutting system is developed. ARM 7 (LPC 2138) microcontrollers is used to control the operation of the system. If this system is used then time required for cutting the wires will be saved. Workers cost is also saved. If we directly give command to the system that cut this number of wires of these lengths, then this system produces exact number of cut wires and of exactly same size in less time. This system increases the efficiency of industry by saving time and money.

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