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Smart Cart with Automated Billing using Aadhar

P. Govindamoorthi, G. Theivanathan, R. Shankari, S. Sandhya


With an increasing employment of wireless sensor networks (WSN), it's to address the concerns raised by its applications, such as reliability, energy consumption and cost effectiveness. Here to an implement Smart Shopping Cart by wireless sensor networks. Such a work is efficiently suitable for supermarkets and reducing man power for better shopping experience for the customers and also to avoid the customers wait in a long queue for checking-out their shopped items. Check the expiration date easily before using the product, it becomes difficult for a totally blind people to do shopping independently. Therefore this paper proposes a solution that helps the visually impaired to identify a product and subsequently read the expiration date on a product using blind assistant. It helps to both customer and shopkeeper for choosing the products and to stack verification of products.

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