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Smart Roofing For Terrace Gardening

Ms.K. Ramya, N.Nithya shankari, A.Keerthana gayathri, K. Gokul


The world has turned into a great place for our existence. Though our life has become well sophisticated in all means still there is a problem in producing our food. Since the population is growing exponentially we cannot depend on farmers to produce food for everyone. And so now-a-days it is possible to meet our own needs by ourselves with to help of roof top gardening. But this system needs a good, proper care at right time. To eliminate this struggle we have come with SMART ROOFING SYSTEM. This system takes the input from a moisture sensor that is being inserted into the every single pot. The output of the sensor signal is taken to the microprocessor. The average value of values from the each sensor is compared with the threshold that is fixed manually. If the threshold value increases beyond the fixed threshold then an output from the microprocessor goes high. So that the motor receives the supply. The angle of rotation is already fed into to the motor. As soon as it receives the supply it starts rotating. It rotates to a certain extend that the shaft of the shelter system that is attached to it also rotates. As the angle is already fed the shaft comes to rest position at particular angle. At the end of this action the shaft makes an enough displacement to cover the given area. Thus the shelter is raised to cover the given area.

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