Cryptography: Symmetric vs Asymmetric Encryption

Mr. Anurag Rawal, Mr. Gaurav, Mr. Hitesh Khanna, Prof. Gaganjot Kaur


With the arrival and outbreak of high speed internet, www (World Wide Web) and growth of social media, online transaction, application and business, organization across the globe produce too much amount of data every second.  Data Security is the most basic and extreme measures to ensure secure passage of information through internet. As the number of user’s increases rapidly throughout the globe tremendously which directly entice cracker for doing cyber-attack. Moreover data security is becoming necessity as we are heading towards digital globalization. In this paper we have discuss the 2 types of encryption i.e., Symmetric and Asymmetric. We briefly explain them how these encryption techniques work and in the end explain which one of these techniques is best and why.

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