Block-chain: The Boon for Bitcoin

Mr.Kandy Arora, Mr.Ashish Verma, Mr.Aarush Sharma, Prof. Neelu


The research paper deals with Bitcoin ,its mining and how mining actually works how Bitcoins are made, uses of Bitcoin why we should use Bitco in. Digital wallets for storing Bitcoins It also covers some of the biggest issues associated with Bitcoin like adecentralized currency covering the vast problem of Doublespending ininitial days of Bitcoin trading.The uses of Block-chain in Bit coin’stransaction to solve the problem of Double spending of Bitcoin.Applications of Block-chain other than crypto currency like in healthcare sector,reale state, voting, cyber security,it also covers sections by which we can make block-chain faster especially while buying crypto currencies and why SSDs should be preferred for Bloch-chain operations.

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