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IoT Based Landmine Detection Robot With GPS System

Vrushali D. Pawar, Priyanka B. Patkare, Pooja A. Naik, Nikita B. Patil, Rohan A. Chaugule


Now a day in places like Afghanistan and Iraq we know that land mines are causing serious threat to the lives of civilians. A land mine is an explosive device that designed to destroy or disable enemy and hided under or on the surface of ground, especially in mine-affected countries like Afghanistan and Iraq. Most land mines are laid on just below the surface of ground and are activated by pressure or trip-wire. Usually most of the land mines will contain many metallic parts, which can be made use of in their detection. The mines which are embedded amid the war time may stay undetected. As the name suggests detection is done using Metal Detector and hence can be done further away from the mine carefully. Mine detection robot will go from this path where solders passing the roads in mine areas. This is the method in which special purpose of robot are use to find landmines without setting foot into the ground offering safe and efficient way of landmine detection. There are some methods for detection of land mines, such radar bullets, Biological method and mechanical method. These methods are dangerous and risk is involved to life of solider. A safe method for detecting land mines is “Landmine detection robot”, where we are dealing with IoT as well as GPS technique.


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