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IOT Based Roads Intelligent Systems

M.B. Mulik, Sumit M Boragave, Vishal V Chougule, Nandkumar R Shikhare, Jaydeep J Nimbalkar


Nowadays, the technology is growing so fast to develop all the infrastructure which makes our lives so easier. The transportation is the main key part of the day to day life. According to some statistics, in India, from 2015, there were about five lakh road accidents, which killed about 1.5 lakh people and injured about five lakh. So to reduce road accidents, the motor vehicles (Amendment) bill, 2016 has been listed in parliament. It addresses issues related to road accidents, insurances and road safety measures. So regarding this issue, this study contains idea about the accident detection rescue information system and also to control the speed of vehicles. According to this system, whenever the accident happen, the vibration sensor inside the car will activates and provide the necessary signal to the arm controller for next operation. The arm microcontroller will send the all necessary information using GSM to the owner contacts, hospitals and police station. Then the GPS module can be used to detect the exact location of the accident. Also, there is switch, which is provided to terminate the alert message if the accident is not serious. The second part of system uses RF Transmitter and RF Receiver to detect the speed limit zone and control the speed of vehicle.

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