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Wi-Fi based Economic CNC Monitoring System

Senthil Kumar A, Gnana Saravanan S


This paper discusses a novel approach to monitor activities by using a range of remote monitoring technologies and expanding the communication potential of the main monitoring system. Information about the status of the device can be accessed anytime and anywhere, very useful in the case of an emergency or damage to expensive devices or products, or for preventing unexpected breakdowns in a system which could be expensive or dangerous. Usually maintenance of a CNC machine is done manually whereas this paper addresses the maintenance and analysis of the machine being done automatically with the help of few circuits. The proposed model consists of Arduino Mega to measure the voltage and current from the supply to the machine. It also measures the phase difference as the input is an AC signal. These parameters are used to analyze the power consumption and state of the machine. A WIFI module is used to transmit the data to the computer. The data is then processed through LabVIEW and then sent to the mobile app through the Wi-Fi module. The mobile app gives periodical information about the current condition of the machine. Also, when there is a critical condition detected the alert is sent through an SMS to the receiver mobile.

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