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Survey of Emergency Accident Notification and Smart Rescue System using PIC

Vipul Kumar, Farooq Hussain, Vishnukant Pal, Subodh Kumar Singh, Danish Ali, Swati .


Security in travelling is primary concern for everybody. Individuals lose their lives as a result of the poor emergency facilities. Because the demands of vehicles has redoubled thereby inflicting additional and additional accidents. It is inconceivable to predict the accidents, however, when effects are often reduced. This project fully covers the total system from accident turning away, detection and, therefore, the necessary measures to be taken when the accident. Just in case of any accident, there is good rescue system within the vehicle that helps in causing the placement of accident spot to the closest hospital. So, this paper deals with the GSM-GPS module, measuring device and PIC microcontroller mounted vehicle that even meet with the accident, let individuals realize the accident location and provides situational awareness. This project is concerning creating cars additional intelligent, they supply basic data covering geographical coordinates to the police station.

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