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An Introduction to Advance Board Cleaner by Laser Technology

Lubna Malik, Ritika Tandon, Salman Uddin, Rishul Gulati, Sakshi Bhardwaj, Mohit Singh


In this paper, we gave a special idea of white board cleaning. The proposed work is to design and develop a white board cleaner using laser technology. We demonstrate the idea of advance board cleaner by laser technology. Normally, the board cleaners available in the market are not so advanced. In this project, we are focussing on the use of board cleaner using laser technology. We have taken a board that is divided in two sections on the basis of light sensing. If we want to clean the board from the remote location, for this purpose, we take laser light and to define and the region that want to clean, system sense the region automatically and decide the proper command and do the work.

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