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Tool for Sustainable Environment Study about Sustainable Regional Plan

K. Madhivadhani


Urbanisation creates both drastic positive and negative impact on the environment. This study is made in order to find the functions of sustainable principles in regional plan for the holistic stable integrated development. Urbanisations, industrial revolution, urban sprawl, open spaces as well as the defined settlement patterns are transformed and disintegrated into various forms with different characteristics, so that the nature of environment are also changed. This research is made in order to emphasise the importance of urban planning as a tool to achieve the sustainable environment. Sustainable regional development plays a vital and vivid role for the future generations by protecting the existing present resources.

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Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development - United Nations

A Global Report on Human Settlement 2009 – Planning Sustainable Cities, United Nations Human Settlements programme

The Fourth Regional Plan for the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut Metropolitan Area.


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