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Optimization of a Simple Aircraft Wing by Weight Minimization using ANSYS

D. Srinivasa Rao, K. Venkatesh, M.N.V. Krishna Veni, M. Amareswari Reddy


In the current generation, aircrafts became the fastest mode of transportation for goods and passengers. In such a situation, sophistication of the airplanes is also moving at a rapid pace. The main reason for the flight of airplane is the lift force over the wings. The better the wings are, the better the lift will be. The improvement in the flight of aircraft and efficiency of aircraft can be done by proper design of these wings. This can be done by either optimization of wing structure which reduces the drag force over the aircraft or by optimizing the weight of the wings which enable the aircraft to fly easier or both of the above. Hence in this project, we are concentrating on the optimization of these wings which benefits to the better working of airplane. Here we consider a wing-like structure consisting of spars, ribs, reinforcements and skin is optimized considering weight minimization. The wing carries a uniformly distributed load along the span.

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