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Exo-Skeleton Arm Using Pneumatic Cylinder

Mr. Nikhil P. Shinde, Mr. Daji S. Shinde, Mr. Kirtisen R. Gaikwad, Mr. Abhijit V. Naik, Mr. Nitin T.More


Exoskeleton is type of device which can be worn over the human body. It is a device which can be powered by motors, pneumatics, levers, hydraulics, etc., to amplify the force of the operator and provide more strength. It is used to increase the load lifting capacity of human beings. It can be used for arm, knee, fingers, etc., according to the application required. Past exoskeletons for arm are bulky and expensive. So, we designed the exoskeleton arm which is light weight and has low cost. It consists of parts like aluminium (frame material), pneumatic cylinder (double acting), Directional Control Valve and compressor power supply. The necessary strength and motion of the exoskeleton arm is provided by pneumatic cylinder. The main aim of this project is to help the industrial workers in carrying heavy loads. This exoskeleton can be used for rehabilitation purpose. Also it can be used by physically weak people for their daily work.

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