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Urban Revitalization: A Case Study of Zindabazar area, Sylhet; Bangladesh

Md. Mustafizur Rahman, Mohammad Tanvir Hasan


The central commercial area Zindabazar, Sylhet; has been developed in an unplanned and haphazard way and becoming extremely crowded. From the beginning this area expanded vertically without any planning and control due to the rapid urbanization and diverse socioeconomic changes. While this central city area as expected generates a major commercial hub and always busy with different commercial and public-private official activities. Although the planning process of this commercial hub does not support present existing condition, therefore it has become an urban confront to revitalize this area to make more effective response to the rapid urban growth and to ensure better urban environment for the businesspersons, the employers and residents. Thus this study investigates the urban designing process of this commercial area and subsequently it advocates guidelines to revitalize this area to make it an efficient commercial centre with a better living environment for the residents and better landmark for the city; considering the heritage and the existing condition.


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