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Maximisation of Fundamental Frequency for Continuum Structures using Modal Strain Energy Method

Kondra Nikhil Gupta, Pranav Kumar, KNV Chandrasekhar, Dr. T.Muralidhara Rao


The goal of the structural engineer is to maximise this fundamental frequency of continuum structures. The Eigen value analysis has been an important area of research for a structural engineer during the past few years.  The fundamental frequency of any structure is the most important parameter useful in the design of a structure. Several algorithms have been proposed in the past to solve for the Eigen frequencies. The focus of this study is to apply modal strain energy method to maximise the fundamental frequency.  A basic example of plate structure has been studied in detail by varying the input parameters. The results clearly show that the distribution of material can be done effectively to maximise the fundamental frequency.  The present study is the first step towards performing topology optimization of continuum structures and conducting damage detection analysis using eigen frequencies.


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