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Digital reconstruction of heritage: Case of Ketchawa mosque remains



In the digital era, new technologies have helped to rethink the traditional museum: people can now visit an exhibition, no matter where they are. The collections and exhibitions are now virtual and interactive. Presenting 3D models instead of simple pictures greatly enriches the virtual experience.

However, the main question which is the use of digital tools for the preservation of cultural heritage is more crucial. Technological advances in recent years have helped to make giant leaps in this area, and 3D scanning is included.

The digitization of heritage objects through classified catalogues and databases allows a better preservation by keeping them in safe in case of excessive use, or saving their digital references in case of natural disasters or cultural terrorist destruction attacks in time where lot of archaeological sites of the oldest civilisations are demolished without control or protection.

The 3D models offer the ability to measure or analyze objects with precision and more malleability according to the better manipulation and the unlimited access to objects that can be shared within the community of researchers, who continually supply and update those databases with new archives documents or new 3D files relative to the same field. This system can gather a multidisciplinary members who can actively provide their support such as architects, archaeologists, paleontologists, historians, historians of art, artists...

The 3D models can also contribute to restoration operations. The digital manipulation of parts or pieces by historian of art or restorer makes the work easier by presenting different hypothesis of the correct assembly before starting work on the original object. This operation protects it from several manipulations that can damage it. Thanks to its precision, the 3D scanning provides also a very quick results for unrestored pieces by revealing exactly where the breakdown occurred, which is particularly important for parts exposed to the weather. Archaeologists can scan artifacts directly in the excavations site or in exposed museums and send files for analysis. This scanning operation can both accelerates and simplifies the process of restoration and conservation of monuments.

The aim of this works in to show how the digital tools can contribute effectively in the sustainable preservation and management of material heritage and the benefits it can beget.

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