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Understanding the Working of Vertical Farming towards a Sustainable Community

Sreemoyee Mitra, Srinivas Daketi


We human kind  and as I include myself wants to gain maximum output with minimal amount of physical force which we first categorise as luxury and which eventually metamorphose into necessity. Now, to do the rest amount of work we have created a “helping hand” known in general terms as machine. This machine generally is formed out of nature and during its working harms it, the primitive form of it being wheel. With development of technologies these machines became an integral part of our life changing our lifestyle changing our built environment and at most changing our homes, work places and recreational areas. But somehow it did not affect the environment of our food production avenues. Our superstition of building crops through soil on the earth’s surface is leading to a catastrophe. The simple reason being for the exploding population stacked on a piece of land originally meant for few the producing resource as land remains the same. The research which the author intend to proceed for explores the idea of changing the cultivating environment same as our other built form which is “VERTICAL”.  The forth coming paper will be a humble effort to redefine our raw food production system using an artificial environment which would use the sustainable postulates such as gray water usage, net zero building guidelines, etc.


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