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Feasibility and Effectiveness Of Superior Piezo Impedance EMI Method

Prof. (Dr.) Rakhi Patel, Bharat Mudgal


In recent years, it's miles vital to reveal every civil and mechanical shape for the protection of human lifestyles and belongings. through using PZT, tracking of systems is viable with some barriers such as direct attachment to the host structure, shape subjected to effect from external forces, inaccessible shape, excessive temperature places, and structures with complex geometry and curved surfaces. to conquer these barriers, a new technique is employed for structural fitness monitoring. Using the advanced method, transducer is prepared via attaching PZT with steel connectors which is in flip attached to the monitored structure. This paper demonstrates experimental take a look at on mild metallic pipes. elements of SHM are studied. The proposed technique effectively detects places of damages and severity of damages of pipe specimen. The approach is likewise hired to observe effect of temperature variant together with detecting revolutionary harm of pipe specimen when it's miles subjected to constant high temperature. This technique is applicable to high temperature locations because the temperature of PZT maintained under its Curie temperature by way of introducing metal connector among structure and PZT patch. For the quantification of damages, the RMSD index formula is used.

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