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Improvement of Bearing Capacity of Loose Sandy Soil by Lime Grouting.

Harshvardhan Sharma


The Constructional Exercises in a few specific territories regularly request profound establishments in light of the poor designing properties and the related issues emerging from powerless soil at profound profundities. The low bearing limit of the establishment bed causes shear disappointment and extreme settlements. Two Plate Load Tests one on Indore side and other on Ujjain side are conducted at 5.5m and 4.5m depth below ground level by using plates of 30 x 30cm and 45 x 45cm size respectively. Moreover CBR test is also performed on both sides. This paper illustrates about grouting as one of the conceivable answers for the establishment issues by enhancing the properties of soil at profound profundities by utilizing Lime.

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Grouting in sandy soil

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