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Scenario of Sand Production from Hydrocarbon Reservoir And Its Mitigation

Md. Nahin Mahmood, Md. Zayed Bin Sultan, Navid Yousuf


Sustainable energy solution is the prime goal in the present world. Hydrocarbon production is serving as the key source of energy from the primitive time. Though the scenario is changing and the concentration is shifting towards renewable energy but the hydrocarbon based energy system still prevails mostly. So it’s very important to ensure the sustainable production of oil and gas. But some problems may rise during this production phase of oil or gas;production of solid is one of them. Generally, the solids are termed as, ‘sand’ and excessive flow of sand can significantly deteriorate the production of hydrocarbon. Reservoirs with much solid  production were declared abandoned previously. But later on, engineers have invented some techniques to curtail the rate of this sand production and found that worthy to apply practically. The article here is to enlighten the total scenario of this sand production and its corresponding mitigation procedures.

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