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Optimization and Design for Base Plate of Industrial Elevator

Mr. Vinod G. Patil, Mr. Amruta L. Adasul


A structural sandwich contents two thin face sheets made from highly stiffed and highly strong material such as metal or fiber composite bonded together called core. This type of construction is commonly used in low weight applications like as aircrafts or aero planes, marine applications and wind turbine blades. The sandwich structure panel has an upper and bottom face sheets are made of material like stainless steel and the core is made of material like mild steel. This type of structure is solid modeled in software ProE and the Finite Element analysis i.e. static structural analysis is done using Ansys Workbench. The compressive strength is determined using Ansys Workbench of generated structure and the obtained results are compared with experimental results. The sandwich structure is analyzed for strength to weight ratio. The use of Sandwich panel is in the cruise ships like marine applications, staircase lading, floors of buses and elevators, the balconies of shipyard etc. The sandwich structure has a potential to give a wide range of attractive design solutions. From the observations, the steel sandwich structure gives a high strength to weight ratio and high stiffness etc. Compared to traditional sheet plates, the sandwich structure is subjected to uniform loading. The sandwich structure panel floor simulation results are compared with traditional steel plate of with same weight, same area with same boundary conditions and loading. Basic properties of structures are stiffness and flexural modulus. In current situations the composite structures are replacing the solid metal structures due to their improved properties. To overcome the major drawback of composites, spot welded panels are used in between sheet and core

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