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Performance Evaluation of Coated and Uncoated Cutting Tools During Various Machining Operations

Aman Singh


There are different types of cutting tools in use for machining various materials for the multiple operations in order to produce components. As a result of the recent developments in cutting tool industry, coated tools have made a significant contribution to the metal cutting operations in terms of tool life, cutting time and machining quality. The tool should be able to withstand high cutting forces, thermal resistivity with more wear resistance and long life. In this review, machining performance of various coated and uncoated cutting tools is analyzed under different conditions along with their principles, advantages and limitations.Some of the advantages of using coated tools are increased tool life, improved surface quality of the product and increased production rate. Generally, good surface finish and longer tool life were achieved using coated tools. It is expected that the metal manufacturing industries will be highly benefitted by these outcomes in selecting the appropriate cutting tool according to their desired surface finish and tool life.

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