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Study of the Effect of Coolant on Material Removal Rate and Surface Roughness in Turning of EN8

Faizan Hasan, Anil Kapoor


Turning process is one of the most fundamental machining processes used in the manufacturing industry. We expect highest material removal rate in order to achieve highest production at reduced time and cost during turning process. Material removal rate is of primary concern in manufacturing operation and surface finish is a most significant requirement to the customer. The present work has been carried out to study the effect of coolant on material removal rate and surface roughness in turning operation of EN8 steel. In this work, Taguchi factorial technique has been used for the design of experiment. Turning operation is performed on EN8 steel with and without use of coolant. The process parameters are speed, feed rate and depth of cut. Soluble oil is used as a coolant. Coated carbide insert is used as a cutting tool.

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