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The Machining qualities in EDM procedure of EN-8 amalgam metal with copper and aluminum as apparatus Cathode

Engr.Md.Rafiq Rahman


Electric release machining (EDM) has been recognized as a proficient generation strategy for exactness machining of electrically leading solidified materials. Copper and aluminum are utilized as cathode substances on this method with Kerosene oil in light of the fact that the dielectric medium. the lead of copper and aluminum cathodes on electric release machining of EN-eight compound metallic had been considered. keeping up all extraordinary machining parameters same, the solidified canvases material changed into machined with the two anodes at uncommon estimations of top cutting edge, beat on time and obligation calculate as indicated by 23 full factorial design. it's been found that copper recommends higher results than aluminum in day and age of surface complete (µm) in same dielectric media. thus, copper is prescribed as an awesome anode material.

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